The Goddess has three forms creating delightful surprises

Her guiding light inspires man's growing spiritual enterprises.

As Sarasvati her creative music awakens man's soul

Her knowledge helps man achieve the divine goal.

As Lakshmi her sparkling beauty expands into ecstasy

She opens up man's life to God's treasury.

As Durga her name gives man Spirit's power

She brings man enlightenment in samadhi's mystic hour.

The Goddess Sarasvati sits alone by inspiration's stream

Her vina's heavenly music makes man spiritually dream.

She brings forth all the mantras we hear

Her poetry enters the mind that is clear.

The Mother's poetry brings man a divine message

On how to effect the soul's heavenly passage.

The music of Sarasvati inspires man with wisdom

Hearing Aum's sound the yogi enters God's kingdom.

On a lotus sits the Goddess of wealth

Men pray to her for riches and health.

Lakshmi is the power bringing men life's beauty

She rewards those who humbly do their duty.

The Goddess of fortune visits those who pray

To the Supreme Being who never does decay.

Lakshmi expresses God's will through the world's duality

Her love is the treasure leading to divinity.

In the midst of the forest of the night

There waits Goddess Durga armed with the supreme might.

When the moon of love has arisen in the heart

Then the spiritual mission of the Mother begins to start.

A quiet stream flows into the expanding ocean

The Goddess manifests divinity within the heart filled with devotion.

When the mystic temple has been entered into with aspiration

Durga's power manifests God's form granting the soul self realization.