Chapter Six

1. Enlightenment is knowing the self as the center of all existence.

2. The underlying essence is realized in meditation as the infinite space containing all.

3. The spell of maya is broken when the yogi realizes Brahman as his self.

4. Inner peace is experienced as a wide expanse where no ideas can enter.

5. There is another dimension where all exist in freedom.

6. Waves of bliss flood the soul immersed in the vision of God.

7. If you fly to God leave all earthly worries behind.

8. I come through the clouds to reach the light.

9. This is the knowledge of Siva that comes through meditation.

10. A spontaneous flow of the Spirit sustains the truth seeker on his journey.

11. The Guru’s image must be constantly kept in front of the disciple’s mind.

12. The soul takes a body for its growth through life’s trials.

13. Taste the nectar of the divine name flooding your soul with bliss.

14. Samadhi is both the means and the goal of yoga.

15. The Guru works within for the disciple’s welfare.

16. In absolute stillness I will manifest when the consciousness attains samadhi.

17. I am atman ever free because all bliss is in me.

18. The Absolute is realized in the void where all is pure consciousness.

19. True happiness lies within the soul that is attuned to God.

20. The tapas is the starting point from samadhi to realization.

21. There is no road map to the infinite.

22. The secret journey is not for all men to see.

23. The inward path leaves behind all attachments to seek God’s embrace.

24. Progress is measured by cleansing the mind of all worldly ideas.

25. The changeless reality is our true home.

26. When the mind subsides the self appears.

27. The flame burns brightly when there is no agitation.

28. God is the leader of my soul.

29. Dissolve in an ocean of consciousness to realize the Lord.

30. Brahman is an ocean of consciousness where possibility becomes reality.

31. That all pervading consciousness is your true home of immortal bliss.

32. Become Siva to realize Siva.

33. Go into the void to know the truth of pure consciousness.

34. Go into the mind of God to become enlightened.

35. The world is in your heart floating in thought.

36. The eternal truth is spread by sages touched by God’s presence.

37. The seven chakras spin as wheels of light radiating an ascending energy.

38. The kundalini energy awakens to arise by the fire of yoga tapas.

39. The Linga within is a perfect reflection of God’s eternal flame.

40. Rest content in the self.

41. The bliss that you seek lies in the heart.

42. Inner development calls for inner peace.

43. The bliss of Brahman is your true nature.

44. I choose my own to uplift when they are ready.

45. To absorb the force requires years of preparation.


46. The inner Guru is installed when the seeker approaches the master.

47. The bliss expands in the heart when the heart is known.

48. There is another dimension in which the light shines freely.

49. The self exists where thought does not.

50. The light of the soul is seen in meditation.

51. The true essence of man is the Spirit inhabiting life.

52. The eyes that see the Divine have been purified by devotion.

53. The Cosmic Mind upholds the universe.

54. The universe unfolds as an idea of God.

55. Go to the source of consciousness to find God.

56. Sing to Siva of your love.

57. Renounce all attachments to the world if you want God to come.

58. God is the goal of your soul’s journey through life.

59. The inner guide delivers the message for you to act upon.

60. Here in the arena of life you are tested to find God.

61. God is an ever new experience that has no end.

62. Luminous shining ones reach down to help man in his quest for immortality.

63. You must become Parvati to worship Siva.

64. The Lord is the keeper of my soul’s flame.

65. Make no response to the demands of the senses.

66. When the waker becomes the dreamer only the watcher remains.

67. The nightmare of the soul is feeling lost from God.

68. Experience the truth in the deepness of your soul.

69. The way of Parvati is to surrender to the Lord.

70. Samadhi is when there is no thought of the world.

71. The Sovereign Lord of the universe sees our every action.

72. Dissolve in the infinite and be free.

73. I am the light that the liberated yogis see.

74. I am the silence that awakens the soul to God’s reality.

75. I am the voice that speaks wisdom through the door of intuition.

76. The knowledge of the self brings cessation of the world.

77. When you only want Me then I will come.

78. I have known you through so many lifetimes.

79. A point of light expands within the heart revealing God’s presence.

80. He who is so vast takes a shape to teach man.

81. Get out of the body consciousness to reach the Spirit.

82. To be liberated means to have no desires.

83. The freed soul exists in the ocean of God.

84. That by which the mind turns back is the God that you seek.

85. The sage has no attachments to things of this world.

86. Go into the deep contemplation where all is wideness and peace.

87. The Eternal Lord is ever new bliss in the hearts of devotees.

88. We take a body to fulfill karma until knowledge is achieved.

89. When the Supreme Lord takes a body a mission is fulfilled elevating man.

90. Love is the motive that binds the devotee to the Lord.


91. Make your mind an empty tube to receive God’s word.

92. The symphony of nature flows from a hidden divine conductor.

93. Vairagya is ending attachments to the world to find God.

94. Timelessness is being alone with God when the world disappears.

95. Safety is in the changeless.

96. Cross the frontier where the mind has no hold.

97. I am Siva the Lord that liberates the bound souls.

98. Wisdom is knowing the infinite beyond all forms.

99. Enter into samadhi where the consciousness is fully absorbed in the Brahman.

100. You are always alone since there is no second.

101. Mind is a reflection of the Spirit made manifest.

102. The living God is your true destiny.

103. The Absolute is reached by meditating on the Aum sound.

104. When everything drops away only God remains.

105. There is another dimension where all is light and bliss.

106. The soul must be free to experience the end of suffering.

107. Bondage is caused by thinking of the world and forgetting the Creator.

108. Purity opens the heart to receive God’s light.

109. When the mind becomes quiet then the Spirit appears.

110. Only God is true and the world is false.

111. The self is known by austerities that turn the consciousness within.

112. The bliss that fills the heart is the sign of God’s love.

113. Become that which you worship by identifying with what you love.

114. The mystery of God is known when the world disappears in divine light.

115. Go between the lines and seek the hidden meaning of life.

116. The man who seeks God must renounce the world.

117. There is no limit to the soul’s expansion of consciousness in God.

118. The Lord is standing here right before our very eyes.

119. Give yourself completely to the Lord.

120. The name is the bridge merging you in His presence.

121. The sweet Lord of bliss lives in the heart.

122. All this is the Brahman existing in the mind of God.

123. Be still and know the Brahman behind all existence.

124. Make thy body a shield to support the soul’s evolution.

125. Exist in the pure consciousness where nothing exists.

126. Moksha comes in the silence when only God remains.

127. Be content it is all here.

128. The Ancient Being is the core of our existence.

129. The experience of God brings relief to the world of change.

130. His belief is in the highest who transcends time in life.

131. The infinite absorbs our consciousness when samadhi stills the mind.

132. Endless worlds appear in the yogi’s consciousness who leaves the body.

133. Climbing the astral ladder reveals worlds of light where mind is supreme.

134. Leaving the body through the head astral regions appear containing beings of light.

135. Wheels of energy spin in the lotus centers opened by yoga’s practice.


136. The eye of the yogi sees the self in all things.

137. You are the unborn going through many lifetimes by identifying with experiences.

138. Surrender to Me completely and I will come.

139. Turn away from the body to experience the Spirit within.

140. The superconsciousness state is attained after years of tapas invoking God’s will.

141. He reached the state where there is neither beginning nor end.

142. The student became a cup for the teacher to pour wisdom.

143. The yogi sees all things in the image of God.

144. The eye of Siva opens to remove the world’s darkness with wisdom’s light.

145. He heard on the subtle level words from the wisdom of the gods.

146. The word reveals the will of the Lord.

147. You have lost your way by being attached to others.

148. The origin of all sweetness lives in your heart.

149. The book in your heart unfolds the message of the Higher Being.

150. The name of the Lord will set you free.

151. You exist to serve the Lord with each action of your life.

152. Penetrate the mystery of self realization and see the all pervading light.

153. Be dead to the body and alive in the Spirit.

154. The bliss that you seek lies hidden in your heart.

155. An ocean of joy floods the soul that has seen God.

156. The soul that has reached the highest level of existence won’t come back.

157. Advance into the changeless where all is freedom and bliss.

158. Before I was born the road was clear for the soul to travel.

159. True happiness is within where lies the treasure of God’s living presence.

160. The knowledge of God starts with the self.

161. The Spirit inhabiting nature gives life to its existence.

162. Leave all attachments behind and cling to the hand of the Lord.

163. When the two become one there is a blending of the will.

164. Forget the world and be still to receive the flow of the Spirit.

165. Food for the soul comes from living in the presence of God.

166. Tapas is staying in one place with the consciousness focused on the Lord.

167. The meeting with God plunges the soul into a consciousness beyond its existence.

168. The still silent Spirit is the basis of our life.

169. Spiritual experiences happen to the yogi passing through the threshold of samadhi.

170. Become that which you want to merge in.

171. The central reality comes in the light.

172. When you no more feel the body you enter the deep trance state.

173. Until the ego is annulled God will not come.

174. The eagle flying toward the sun represents man’s search for immortality.

175. Death in the astral world means rebirth in the physical world.

176. Nobody knows the Creator but all know His creation.

177. The central reality is realized by piercing the mind to know the Spirit.

178. The silence is its own reward.

179. Extinction of desires reveals the self because it alone remains.

180. The knowledge of the self comes in meditation revealing God’s essence.

181. The deeper dimensions of consciousness revealing God are entered in samadhi.


182. Sleep on the ocean of eternity and breathe in God.

183. Tapas is being unconcerned with the world by keeping the vision of God.

184. You shall be protected.

185. The Lord protects His devotees from every harm.

186. Karmic seeds draw one toward action to achieve hidden goals.

187. Keep your love affair with God a secret.

188. When you want only Me then I will come.

189. The empty mind is a fit receptacle for the truth.

190. The experience of God swallows you up in a greater presence.

191. In the deep recesses of the mind the light of the soul shines.

192. The self alone remains when all else has vanished from your consciousness.

193. The inner light is your true home where God’s presence shines.

194. Clear vision sees the divine flame burning in every atom of creation.

195. God is an ocean of peace that pours over the soul in meditation.

196. Sages of wisdom know the truth in their heart.

197. The heart opens to divine love when you surrender to God.

198. The pure, the vast, the perfect manifest Spirit in the opened soul.

199. The flame of God shines brightly for those who can see.

200. He who is always thinking of Me never sees the dust.

201. When the room of the mind is empty God’s presence is felt.

202. There is a maker who is the source of our being.

203. God is the magnet that draws our soul to its fulfillment.

204. Continuous wideness greets the seeker of the truth in meditation.

205. Silent waiting unlocks the doors of separation letting in the Spirit.

206. I am one with the Spirit as a point of God’s living light.

207. Close the mind to hear the ringing bells of the Spirit’s entry.

208. As the swan gliding on a lake the liberated soul swims in God.

209. Go through the eye of the Linga to find release.

210. When you no more feel the body then you enter into the Spirit.

211. Spiritual wisdom surpasses psychic experiences in unlocking God’s mystery.

212. Psychic phenomenon is not the truth that you seek.

213. You are fee but do not know it.

214. Wideness and peace are the signs of entry into the Spirit.

215. Samadhi is nothingness in which the light of Spirit reveals itself.

216. To approach God you need surrender and truth.

217. On a still night you can hear forever the footsteps of God.

218. He lost consciousness of the body and soared into the Spirit.

219. In absolute silence I will come and embrace your being.

220. The sea is like the infinite Brahman of eternal consciousness.

221. You need a central focus to develop your soul.

222. The peace that you seek lies within the silence of your soul.

223. Siva gazes at Parvati while worlds come into existence.

224. The mirror of the mind must be polished for God to shine through.

225. Walk on the clouds above the world with the mind held in suspension.

226. We can’t see the hidden power that creates galaxies and lights our soul.

227. He searched for the impossible by letting truth become reality.


228. That which cannot be held by thought is reached in meditation.

229. That which has no name or form is the mystery realized by yogis.

230. You gain immortality by knowing God.

231. The highest state of consciousness is reached by constant aspiration.

232. The one united consciousness sees Brahman in everything.

233. All those are welcome who come to Me.

234. Nobody comes to Me who has not been called.

235. No form can satisfy the Absolute.

236. Clear the mind to see the truth.

237. In silence there is blessed relief.

238. I am the Guru assigned to you.

239. Can you see beyond the stars where the reality lies?

240. It is locked within you waiting to be drawn out.

241. You must stop the mind to know the truth.

242. There is no greater love than the bliss of the Creator.

243. Aum is the fountain that leads to spiritual experience.

244. You do not know what you are doing.

245. A real tapas yogi has no worries about the world.

246. He sees the reality guiding his every action on the path.

247. The tracks have been set for you to follow as God commands.

248. He expands beyond the body who sees the reality everywhere in all directions.

249. The light beyond all lights is the object of your search.

250. Realize what you are doing.

251. God speaks to us through the world.

252. Sit in front of Me unmoved by the universe.

253. The light is revealed when the energy is turned on.

254. The fact of the quest is proof of God’s guiding hand.

255. Go out of the body into God where all is peace and light.

256. Above the head lies the kingdom of supreme bliss filled with wisdom.

257. You have bought time by your actions to fulfill the soul’s mission.

258. In the absence of thought the wideness expands into bliss.

259. Go to the well to draw up the living waters of inspiration.

260. On the mountain there is a vast calm that is reached by meditation.

261. At the summit of existence the Absolute exists in a mystery beyond silence.

262. You are unprepared to reach the summit of existence without entering samadhi.

263. You need absorption into the self to withdraw from the world.

264. You will become absorbed into the self only when the mind stands still.

265. The One hides behind the many.

266. Abandonment to the Lord is the gateway to victory in meditation.

267. The mind of God contains the world stage which we perceive as reality.

268. The yogi catches the wings of God and ascends to heaven.

269. God is the boatman who takes us to the shore of immortality.

270. The other side is beyond matter and ruled by thought.

271. Be regular in your spiritual practices to attain the goal that you seek.

272. I shall come when the path is made ready by aspiration’s flame.

273. Samadhi is a translucent state where God shines through the consciousness.


274. The stairway to the infinite is climbed when the kundalini pierces through the head.

275. The silence of the mind becomes a peace widening into divine experience.

276. The eyes of the Guru see the self in every object pervading creation.

277. The window opens into eternity for the yogi awake in God.

278. Heightened experience of the Spirit is the reward for the seeker entering samadhi.

279. Hold the mind in suspension to unlock the key to wisdom.

280. The door of perception is opened by the mind for the soul’s evolution.

281. The soul encased in a body is the gift of God to creation.

282. The stage of reality exists in God’s mind for man to play upon.

283. The sword of wisdom cuts through the jungle of falsehood to reveal light.

284. Who Am I is the message of the Guru for aspirants to follow.

285. The truth seekers learn to control the mind to experience the divine presence.

286. Unending is man’s quest for God and immortality.

287. Freedom is being able to see the self living eternally in God’s ocean.

288. The doors open revealing the light through which the Spirit manifests to man.

289. Wideness expands leaving the body behind to enter the cosmic consciousness plane.

290. The tree grows toward the sun just as the yogi moves toward God.

291. Freedom is being able to leave the world to enter the divine embrace.

292. Without a trace the Spirit rules over the destiny of man.

293. Sacred lines of geometry reveal the divine plan in creation.

294. In the realm of ideas there is constant activity that hides the One.

295. The beauty of flowers comes from the astral world reflected on this earth.

296. The ultimate experience brings the divine presence into man’s consciousness.

297. The inner witness observes all action detached from their results.

298. Go into each activity as the soul’s offering to God.

299. The purity of consciousness leads the seeker to the divine goal.

300. The body is a vehicle for the soul to manifest its will.

301. Each day is a new opportunity for man to meet the Lord.

302. The deeper state of consciousness lead man to experiencing God’s presence.

303. When the world disappears the Spirit fills the yogi’s consciousness with bliss.

304. Observing the consciousness as a silent witness the self is revealed.

305. In the absence of thought the soul awakens to the nearness of Spirit.

306. By going deeper within the world recedes and the vision of God grows.

307. The eye of the beholder in samadhi sees the world pervaded by Spirit.

308. The voice of the Lord is heard in the silent hours of meditation.

309. Into the darkness there is a greater darkness where the mind cannot enter.

310. The sun shines within guiding the seeker along the way to God.

311. There is a greater bliss that invades the soul when time stands still.

312. The presence of God is felt as a flame burning within the heart.

313. In the quiet waiting I will come.

314. Each step that you take must be made secure to move forward.

315. Go out of the body to reach the summit of existence.

316. Absorbed in the consciousness of the vast the yogi ascended to Heaven.

317. The highest consciousness is attained when the mind stands still in samadhi.

318. When the time comes you leave the body and enter another dimension.

319. A revolving circle of light leads the way to your new home.


320. A door opens and a voice is heard calling the soul home.

321. Thick layers of darkness are removed when God’s light manifests.

322. To be free is to have no desires for this world.

323. To please God is to leave the ego behind and lovingly serve Him.

324. Surrounded by light the divine vision filled the soul with bliss.

325. Be the witness of the mind to find the truth.

326. The Ancient Being stands by the universe that He has created.

327. The first principle is the cause of our existence.

328. We exist as souls sent out to act upon this world.

329. A soul is a unit of consciousness that evolves with each birth.

330. Light the torch of freedom to seek God within your soul’s cave.

331. With each breath he took the name of God was upon his lips.

332. The ascension of consciousness is accomplished by moving up each chakra.

333. To be at peace means to rest in the arms of God.

334. The way goes through the cave of consciousness to discover the light.

335. Watch time go by to learn the lesson of the world’s unreality.

336. An all pervading Spirit is the goal of your soul’s journey.

337. The supreme offering takes place when the soul turns toward God.

338. The journey of the soul takes many incarnations in its quest for wisdom.

339. The eye of wisdom sees through many layers of darkness where God’s glory dwells.

340. The realization of God takes the consciousness beyond time and space into reality.

341. The foundation of the world is built upon life struggling to be free.

342. The soul separates from the world of matter to gain its original identity.

343. A worker in the cause of truth must first seek gaining self knowledge.

344. The pleasures of the world fade as the soul grows closer to God.

345. Your search for God must be constant to receive the supreme blessing.

346. The Lord dances upon the soul until it touches His hand.

347. Thoughts invade the mind and disappear when in samadhi.

348. Only the living presence of God remains when the soul fully surrenders.

349. Far off is the goal you seek until you realize His living presence.

350. God beckons you from afar to move closer where all boundaries disappear.

351. Over the wall appears a luminous country where the divinity stands unveiled.

352. We were made to travel to the ends of the universe seeking God.

353. The atman is the inner controller around whom all our actions ultimately revolve.

354. Keep the flame burning within the heart to see the inner ruler.

355. When all thoughts stand still time becomes eternity where God is revealed.

356. All names and forms fade in samadhi leaving only the divine essence.

357. The light burns brighter the closer you get to God.

358. His voice is heard in the silence of the soul.

359. He is ever near to those who dwell in peace.

360. Visions reflect the state of the mind as ideas take shape.

361. The deeper you go the more you know there is no end.

362. The escape from the ego consciousness comes when the soul surrenders to God.

363. Progress is measured not by visions but by living in awareness of God.

364. Climb up the ladder of consciousness to the summit of existence.

365. Yoga is knowing the self dwelling ever blissful in the divine reality.